Located in the foothills of the Catskills, Goshen, New York is a great place to live and raise a family. Founded in or around 1714, with its rolling acres of fertile and fruitful land, settlers called this town “Goshen”- the “promised land” of the Scriptures.  As early as 1727, it became an outpost of Colonial Government and the center of a booming agricultural region, especially dairying. The first milk shipped into New York City came from this area, with the advent of the Erie Railroad in 1841.

Faithful to its historic beginning, not only does Goshen maintain that same glory it held in 1714, but as a community, Goshen has grown into a well-respected, well-acknowledged, and well-suited town for families to live and grow; or for visitors to soak in the beauty of numerous celebrated and notable landmarks scattered around the Town and Village.

The Town of Goshen is steeped in rich history. It has seasoned pre-revolutionary homes as well as newly constructed ranches and contemporaries. The Town also boasts a long history as a farming community. Horse farms, dairy farms, orchards and vegetable farms cover the landscape.

Situated in the heart of the Orange County and serving as the County Seat, the Village of Goshen is located approximately 60 miles north of New York City.  Tucked away behind numerous crossroads of major highways and nearby Stewart International Airport, many of our residents take advantage of Goshen’s convenient location as they commute to the job opportunities of New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

As soon as you drive through the historic village and downtown business district, you will feel the quaint charm of our small and cozy community. With a myriad of bakeries, cafes and coffee shops, you will never run out of places to sit down with friends and family. Notable eateries include:

  • Catherines:
  • Sunflower Cafe:
  • Orange County Bagels:
  • Delancey’s:
  • Kelley Jeans:
  • Limoncello’s:
  • Elsie’s Cafe:
  • Howell’s Cafe:
  • Craft 47:
  • Kiki’s:

and the list goes on…

Sprinkled with original brick buildings and gorgeous Victorian homes in the Village, Goshen will attract both individuals looking to raise a family, and individuals seeking the oasis of a small, tight knit, nurturing environment. Driving through the Village of Goshen you will be instantly surrounded with rich colonial and pre-revolutionary historic sites and monuments. To list a few:

  • Harriman Memorial Fountain: a gorgeous marble and steel fountain built in the early 19th century. The stone-carved horse heads spit water into the marble base in the summer. During the fall and winters, seasonal flowers and shrubs are planted within the base, allowing this historic fountain to serve as the “center-piece” of our village.
  • Everett Memorial: this marble masterpiece, which allows ample room for seating, honors soldiers and sailors of the Civil War and is located in the center of the village.
  • Veterans’ Memorial: Located in the village, The Veterans’ Memorial honors the fallen veterans of the First and Second World Wars as well as the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars.
  • Historic Track: A main attraction in Goshen, this half-mile harness racing track is believed to be the oldest of its kind in the United States, hosting races since the early 1830’s. The track was designated a historic landmark by the National Park Service in 1966.
  • Harness Racing Museum: A museum dedicated to the sport and history of harness racing, this go-to attraction supplies thousands of historic artifacts, a wedding venue, as well as a 3D harness racing simulator.
  • Minisink Memorial Monument: a grand memorial to those who passed away fighting the Battle of Minisink in 1779.
  • Wisner Memorial: Located on beautiful South Street and Park Place, this memorial, made of native Pochuck granite was erected in memory of, and dedicated to Henry Wisner, member of the First and Second Continental Congress.  
  • Orange Blossoms Monument: being at a pivotal intersection, Main Street and Park Place, this monument was dedicated to the veterans of the Civil War 124th Regiment, known as Orange Blossoms. The bronze statue of an American soldier holding an American flag weighs 19 tons, is 18 feet in height and stands on a pedestal of granite, which is a respective 14 feet high.

The Town and Village of Goshen offers nearly a dozen places of worship, including: St. James Rectory, Catholic; Saint John’s Parish House, Catholic; Saint John’s Rectory, Catholic; Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian; Saint James Episcopal  Church, Episcopalian; Goshen United Methodist Church, Methodist; Saint John’s Church, Methodist; Orange County Fellowship, Non-Denominational; Christian Reformed Church, Reformed; First Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian; and Calvary Chapel, Protestantism.

Goshenites also enjoy a myriad of public events and activities for all ages and cultures. Some of which include:

  • Gather in Goshen for the Holidays: a gathering in the Village Square for the Goshen Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Menorah Lighting: local residents of Goshen come together to join in a public Menorah lighting ceremony
  • New Year’s Eve/Ball Drop: The Village Green Church Park Goshen is looking to start the New Year in a big way, with a large scale New Year’s Eve celebration. The free event will bring music and other attraction to downtown Goshen.
  • Mid-Hudson St. Patrick’s Parade: The year 2016 marked the 40th year in Goshen. An objective of the founders was to share the parade with communities around the Mid-Hudson by moving its location, and that objective has been realized
  • Goshen Art Walk: Every first Friday of the month, between the months of March and December, this event helps support local arts while at the same time draws people into the downtown to visit local businesses.
  • Goshen Farmer’s Market: More than thirty vendors are represented here, including beauty products made from local products, local fruits and vegetables, treats and sweets made by local community members, locally made clothing, and so much more!
  • Memorial Day Parade: Starting at Erie Street to Church Street, this parade is marched my hundreds of servicemen and women, commemorating their service to our great nation.
  • The Great American Weekend: The big sha-bang ! Over 400 craft and food vendors, along with harness racing, and amusement rides and games, right in the heart of Goshen at Church Park.

Located near minutes from grocery stores, shopping malls, a large and newly renovated hospital, and dozens of doctors offices and urgent care facilities, Goshen is a perfect location in order to reach the services and products you need, while maintaining the privacy and seclusion a true small town has to offer.

During the Revolutionary War, Goshen was the center for the rallying of the Militia. After Independence, Goshen shared County judicial and other duties with Newburgh. Orange County built its Courthouse here in 1841 and the County Building in 1887. In the 1960’s the Country constructed a three-million dollar complex in the Village, continuing Goshen’s prominence as the County Seat.

Goshen’s claim to fame, however, was to come from the horse – the trotter, to be precise. By developing and popularizing the Standardbred horse for harness racing, Goshen became the “Trotting Capital of the World”. The Hambletonian Stakes, the premier event of Harness racing, originated at the Historic Track. The Goshen Historic Track is the oldest active racing facility in the United States and was the first sporting site to be designated a National Historic Landmark. To this day, a four day race meet is still held every Fourth of July weekend. Nearby the Track is the Trotting Horse Museum, a world-class museum, recalls the glory days of the sport, as well as Goshen’s role in nurturing them.

Goshen owes much to its past. That is was a place where fortunes could be made is illustrated by the scored of gracious homes that line its streets. Constructed over the better part of two centuries, these architectural gems give Goshen a sense of place and a sense of history, as they remind us of the colorful men and women who have populated its past.

Goshen Area School Information

School NameCityGrade RangeRating
C J Hooker Middle School
Goshen Central High School
Goshen Intermediate School
John S Burke Catholic High School
Scotchtown Avenue School
St John School

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